Connect any CCTV camera to a network or the Internet to see live pictures remotely on a computer using Internet Explorer...

  • Colour & B&W Inputs
  • Live Video & Audio
  • Built In Motion Detect
  • Connect Using Internet Explorer
  • LAN or Internet
  • Auto E-mails on Alarm Detection

The NVS365 is digital media server that allows video and audio to be distributed over a Local Area Network (LAN) or the Internet.

Using its built in web server, users can “log-on” to the NVS365 on their computer and see live video and audio over a network. This means that businesses and companies with CCTV cameras can see live images from the cameras on any networked computers for a totally flexible system. For example, a company could locate a camera in an entrance porch or reception area and connect the camera to their local area network, LAN, using the NVS365. By adding a microphone to the system users can even hear live audio as well so they listen to what is being said! (please also see the AlienDVR range of DVRs on our website as they can also do this and simultaneously record images from multiple cameras on to their built in hard drives).

Password protection allows only authorised users to log on so that the camera images are shielded from unwanted prying eyes. Users can be set up to have full system control “administrators” or general users who can just see pictures but not access any of the other features.

The NVS365 can also transmit pictures from remote sites over the Internet. To do this the remote site needs to have a broadband connection and a static IP address.

Video motion detection & Email Alarm notifications!

The NVS365 has video motion detection built into it and has the capability to send out an email when it detects movement in the CCTV picture sending video images to an email address that you configure. This is useful for business or homeowners that wish to keep a close eye on any secure or sensitive areas and be sent images by email to wherever they are in the world!

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Operating System
Embedded Linux
Web or Client Side
Video In
1-CH Composite
Video Out
1-CH Composite
Audio In
1 Channel
Audio Out
1 Channel
Video Standard
RJ45 10M/100M Ethernet Adaptable
Compression Technique
Audio Compression
Transmission Rate
Adjustable 1-25 FPS/Channel
Video Motion Detect
192 Selectable Area
3 Settings
Alarm Inputs
4 Channels
Alarm Outputs
1 Channel Relay
Alarm Relay
30V DC 1A, 125V 0.5A
Console Port
Pan-Tilt Control
Power Supply
12V DC 1Amp
132 x 137 x 30mm